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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor in Sociology and Elementary Education - American University of Beirut Master in Educational Psychology - American University of Beirut Master in Special Education - New York University Psychometry Certification - University of Alabama in Birmingham

Mrs. Grace Malek


I take pride in working at Oneonta Middle School. I have traveled a journey from OES K-6 counselor, OHS counselor 5 - 8 to currently be OMS 6-8 counselor. I have enjoyed every stage of teaching and counseling. My passion is to guide students out of a difficult situation and equip them with lifetime coping skills. In addition to help students set academic goals to succeed and search for careers/colleges that will train them to land their future dreams. 

My husband (Dr. Ramzi Malek) and I have lived in Oneonta for 25+ years with our son Justin - a graduate of OHS. Justin continues in the medical field to become a general surgeon. My family enjoys the outdoors and many sports: water, ski and of course football and soccer. I do cultivate the gardening skills and enjoy watching the transformation of landscapes. Our fur buddies, Jasper and Jolley keeps us running and entertained. 



Degrees and Certifications:


Middle school counselor and counseling office

The purpose of the middle school counselor is two-fold:

  1. Direct and guide a planned calendar of counseling activities and programs for large and small groups as well as referred individuals.
  2. Act as liaison between referred students and other students, teachers, administrators, parents, and appropriate social agencies.

Referrals may be made verbally, electronically or by filling out a counseling referral form. A referral may originate from the student, a parent, a teacher, an administrator, or anyone else concerned about the student and/or his/her situation. Once the referral is made, the counselor schedules counseling time agreeable to all parties concerned. Relevant information will be shared with these parties as is appropriate. Teachers are urged to make counseling referrals BEFORE the problem becomes one of discipline. The counselor does not function in the role of disciplinarian.

504 Referrals are discussed with the counselor and the principal. An Evaluation will take place to collect the necessary documentation then a plan is agreed upon to implement in the classroom. 

The counseling office is available for special conferences. Before setting the conference dates, teachers and counselor discuss the purpose of the meeting.

The counselor attends “Response to Instructions” (RtI) meetings. The role of the counselor on this team is to provide assistance for the teachers and suggestions to appropriate strategies that will enable the at-risk student to become successful in the classroom.  

The Oneonta Middle School Counseling Office embraces and adheres to the Alabama State Board of Education's Standards for School Counseling and Guidance. These documents are kept in the office of the counselor and are available upon request. 



Degrees and Certifications:


Individual student planning includes counseling activities that provide every student with an opportunity to plan, monitor, and manage their academic, career, and personal/social development. It emphasizes time management, organizational skills, test interpretation, job shadowing and career advice as well as anger management, school anxiety, grief and stress.


            Teachers or Parents request that the student receives counseling services. Or teacher can e-mail counselor regarding a situation to handle.  If the issue was about violating school discipline guidelines or dress code then disciplinary actions are forwarded to the administration to follow procedures stated in the student handbook. Otherwise, the counselor schedules an appropriate time to pull the student out of the class to assist with his/her needs.

            During the counseling sessions, the counselor assists the students with decision-making and goal setting to improve on the area of concern. The counselor’s job is to help the student develop a healthy self-concept, and adapt to proper social behavior.

Individual counseling sessions are set up as needed.  Parents are usually contacted to be informed of the situation. The counselor will check with the teachers to follow up on the individual cases, then evaluate whether to continue individual counseling, discontinue or recommend to the parents resource services in the community.

SHARE is a service on site for severe cases of individual needs. Parents contact school counselor for information and referral process.

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