Return to School 2021

RETURN TO SCHOOL 2021 (message distributed July 27, 2021)

Students will return to school on Tuesday, August 10 for the beginning of a new school year.  Please view the district and schools’ websites and social media platforms for registration times for each grade as well as other information related to the new school year.  You may refer to the school calendar for required days of attendance for students.

Oneonta City Schools will participate with in-person instruction, all day, for five days each week. At this time, masks and face coverings will be optional for students and adults.  We will continue to practice safe health practices and social distancing for students and employees.  We encourage everyone to do their part to slow the spread of communicable and notifiable diseases. 

Please notify the office of each school if you have specific questions regarding your child.  We look forward to a new beginning and our hopes for a safe and healthy school year.

Thank you!