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Degrees and Certifications:

Associate Degree - Jefferson State C.C. Bachelor's Degree - U.A.B. Master's Degree - University of Alabama Class A Certificate - English Language Arts Class B Certificate - English Class B Certificate - French

Mrs. Cindy O'Rear


I have been teaching English for twenty-seven years, and I have taught every grade level from 7th through 12th grades, including honors classes and AP Literature.  In addition, I teach ACCESS classes through the Madison City Support Center, where I've taught courses in creative writing and theatre, as well as my standard English courses.

My 2021-21 class schedule is as follows:

1st Period - 11th Grade English

2nd Period - 11th Grade English

3rd Period - 12th Grade English

4th Period - 12th Grade English

6th Period - 12th Grade English

7th Period - 11th Grade English